It’s cold outside, the garden is covered with snow, and you’re daydreaming about that new home you’re going to start building in the Spring because let’s face it, it’s not feasible to build during the cold and miserable months. Unfortunately, this likely means you will spend all Summer waiting for your new home or cabin that might be ready by the Fall. If only you can have your new home ready to move into at the beginning of Summer? Well you can when you’re building with INSIDE INTELLIGENCE!

By choosing a Kent Home with Homeworx, your new home will be built in a state of the art factory controlled environment, so it makes no difference to our workers or the materials that make up your new home whether it’s January or July. We keep moving at the same pace and in the same comfortable state all year long. Here’s why planning for your new home RIGHT NOW is the best time:

  1. Be first in line to have your home manufactured for Spring delivery – you choose the Spring date that works for you
  2. Enjoy living in your new home over the short Summer season when others are just breaking ground and going through the hassles of construction
  3. Make sure your home and everything in it never sees inclement weather
  4. Get superior energy efficient specifications that are standard in all our homes – you won’t believe how low your utility bills are!
  5. Choose from a wide range of quality interior and exterior finishes – all in the comfort of our design center – and then go back to relaxing by the fire

Call 709.738.5738 for details and let’s get building your new dream home for 2018 while everyone else is waiting!